The Suppliant Women


Presented at the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2018

Written some 2,500 years ago, Aeschylus’ Greek classic speaks to us across the ages about some of the most important issues of our own time.

Rich with wonderful poetry, this acclaimed new version by leading Scottish dramatist David Greig vividly re-tells a story of the plight of migrants, morals and human rights, democracy, and ultimately the triumph of love. It asks who we are, where we belong, and if all goes wrong, who will take us in? It could not be more relevant in today’s world.

The arrival of a group of refugee women provokes the ruler of a city-state to consider the obligations of hospitality and asylum. These women are escaping from forced marriage in their homeland and now they must persuade citizens of the country that now controls their fate to let them stay. A referendum is triggered to resolve a moral quandary.

True to ancient Greek drama practice, the production will feature a forty-strong chorus – recruited and trained from the local community to perform alongside a touring cast creating an extraordinary theatrical event. Adding to the production's authenticity and atmosphere, John Browne’s moving and earthy score uses a specially reconstructed, ancient, double-pipe instrument, the aulos, to accompany the women’s heartfelt singing.


★★★★★ An epic, feminist protest song

Mark Fisher, The Guardian

★★★★★ An exhilarating show, rich with resonance and power. Rush to see it whilst you can

Simon Thompson, What's on Stage

★★★★ The rhythms of the writing tightly entwine with a sparsely beautiful soundtrack of percussion and ancient aulos pipes to truly hypnotic effect

Adam Radcliffe, The Times

★★★★ Achingly expressive...incredibly moving

Charlotte Runcie, The Telegraph