The Intern Experience Volume 3

The Intern Experience Volume 3

When you’re an intern on your first day, you cannot say or predict what is going to happen; you can only see what you have right there, in front of your nose. You know that you have a certain period of time, defined, but you have no idea of what is going to fill it. You daydream about your future, your goals, your ambitions. And you feel lost. Confused. You have just a bare idea of what to expect for real. And all this in a foreign country, where people speak another language, have different habits and ways of doing things, making it even more frightening.

But at some point something happens. It’s just a moment, a click, and the light turns on.

You realise you’re part of something bigger, something brave and inspired. I’m not sure how you get to know it, but you can feel it; you can see it in the way Nick and Ramin, Ania and Tiru, Jess and Polina look at you. In the sound of their voices when they ask you something. In your name written with all the other names of the company on the blackboard saying how you drink your tea or coffee ("black, no sugar – she’s Italian").

From that moment every task is not simply what it is: a simple phone call, hundreds of photocopies, an archive of 25 years of productions to organise, a Saturday running around the Queen Elizabeth Hall, booking hotels and trains and airplane tickets, a Twitter account to manage. Every single thing is more than what it seems; they are your part, your contribution. They say “hey, come on, join us, we need you”.

And this is the thing, the point. I’d say this is the key, the one that opens the door in front of you and let you in.

Three months have passed and I didn't even realise it.

Being an intern at ATC has been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. I could list every activity I’ve done in that office, but it wouldn’t convey the idea and experience fully.

What is incredibly important, to me, is that I gained so many little skills that all together create a special knowledge; I learnt how things work differently in the UK compared to Italy, how a different culture produces itself differently, with different dynamics and different shapes. I learnt how to do things in an environment that is not mine. And to me this is the most valuable lesson; how to adapt yourself and your skills to something different and how to make the most from the combination of the two, yourself and the environment you’re in.

The international vocation of ATC made the company the best place to approach the “British way” of producing theatre and to gain first-hand experience on touring a show all around the country (and beyond!).

Thanks to my internship at ATC, I am a step closer to the professional I want to be. I am more confident, I know more, and I’m able to do more and better. It’s been a great step that wouldn’t have been the same without the support and the inspiration of the amazing team that every day keeps pushing forward to deliver new, innovative and visionary theatre to all of us. And I thank Ania for the strength, Tiru for the commitment, Jess for the competence, Polina for the creativity, Nick for the knowledge and Ramin for the artistic value that have been passed to me.

Per aspera ad astra!

Camilla Colombo
The Italian One