Stars and Awards

Stars and Awards

Winner of the Fringe First Award 2013

Winner of the Carol Tambor Award 2013

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms Tambor said 'This work has been so incredible because of the two performances by Neve McIntosh and Rudi Dharmalingam. Creating beauty out of horror is something that many of these plays have done, but none better than The Events.'

Neve McIntosh nominated Best Actress at The Stage Awards 2013

* * * * * The Daily Telegraph   ‘Witty without being flip, wise without being sententious, provocative without being callous, it’s probably the finest, most important thing Greig has written.’

* * * * * The Metro   'A poignant look at human tragedy.'

* * * * The Guardian   'McIntosh as Claire and Rudi Dharmalingam as the Boy (and other characters) give beautifully judged performances in a play that dares to stare into the darkness within us all and search for a pinprick of light.’

* * * * The Times   ‘Without glibness of dishonesty, Greig’s art affirms that even broken, baffled humanity can mend, and sing on.’

* * * * The Independent   ‘Flashes of warmth and…wit, thanks to the superb choir’

* * * * The Scotsman   ‘The central character, Claire – played with terrific force and integrity by Neve Macintosh….all the named characters except Claire – her partner, the killer, a psychiatrist – are all played by one actor, the ­infinitely flexible and intelligent Rudi Dharmalingam.’

* * * * The Financial Times   ‘David Greig, too, once again considers the limits of our comprehension in The Events.’

* * * * Time Out   ‘A strangely uplifting work about living through grief.’

* * * * What’s On Stage   ‘A fiendishly brilliant new play.’

* * * * The Arts Desk   ‘Here are two strong and vivid performances at its heart and this is a play that will stay in the memory.’

* * * * A Younger Theatre   ‘A quietly provocative piece of political theatre.’

* * * * British Theatre Guide   ‘Undoubtedly an important piece.’