Neve in Dublin

Neve in Dublin

So...Dublin. What a great time was had, and what a great bunch of people came to play with us...well, bunches or choirs!

Aah Dublin, aah Guinness, aah Molly Malone and yer barra', aah James Joyce and a great Japanese restaurant I remember from my time here earlier in the year. However after taking everyone on a lengthy tour of the streets of Dublin as I tried to remember where it was, we discovered it was shut - didn't open until 5.30. So I never got my lovely food. There was an ok noodle place over the road for lunch though, we all stuffed our ravenous faces...Rudi and I had beer...and that set the tone for the rest of Monday. I remember some good pool playing or is that the beer remembering?

I have my trusty wee bike with me but as the hotel is so close I am inventing long and circuitous routes there. We have been put up in the Malvern Parnell Square, our choirs tell us to be very careful in that area as it's rough as feck - something I forget at 5am one morning and go for a wander in the rain, filling the hours before I get a buffet breakfast. Mind you The Peacock sits in an area filled with doss-houses and methadone clinics, our health and safety chat includes a lengthy speech about not being robbed. We see a lot of damaged people in the area.

We all enjoy a long and lazy trough of a morning, I always pour an extra coffee and take it back to my room where I have a relax & read or doze or watch the's the only channel on the TV I can watch: Sky News - poor admission really.
I make plans to go to local places like the beautiful Trinity College grounds but I want to go further afield so I decide to cycle up and around - I head North and discover the Royal Canal.

I decide to for a cycle at a different time every day but the rain always gets me!! Mind you as my Gran always said "Skin's waterproof". Wise woman.

I'm entertaining the locals as I speed about, drenched...

I can see them laughing and pointing from inside their dry little metal boxes - I smile back at them.

It might not be pretty but it clears my head and helps me think about the play.

Ah yes, the whole reason for this trip/blog/existence. I've been set the challenge of learning a new speech. Another edge to Clare - her plan for revenge needs to be ramped up, I'm not sure about it but David convinces me after a couple of runs and a few small cuts. There is now even more tension which I like, I'm sure it will change again though. Especially for The Young Vic next week, we constantly morph with this play and with each of our choirs. Our choirs in Dublin are amazing - a little too good as we are a play about a community choir, heavy on the community and lighter maybe on singing ability but it is so interesting to see how the energy from a choir can influence the entire play, the audience and their reactions; normally on stage we struggle to keep something fresh and alive despite knowing what's coming - in this we're spoiled because the choir does so much of that for us. And of course they get such a buzz out of being on stage. And so friendly! I will not forget our night with St Mary's College Choir - getting on down to a live band with a pint of Guinness in hand with them, nor Saturday night when our all girl choir The Lineup booked out part of a bar and toasted us with champagne! Wonderful, warm and community spirited!

I was very sad to leave, one thing that is slightly bewildering yet amazing, is spending so little time in one place yet making such deeply felt bonds through this story.

God bless you all in Dublin!!

Neve McIntosh
Actress, ATC