Making Martyr

Making Martyr

At Actors Touring Company, we are committed to an open rehearsal process. As a result, when in production, we welcome anyone with a lively mind to come and observe our rehearsals in action.

Here’s what those lively minds had to say…

I'm elated and challenged by how Ramin Gray's dynamic production of Marius van Mayenberg's MARTYR escalates how so many of us as parents and teachers must struggle to guide — and sometimes even control! — passionately independent-minded youngsters. The lurking dangers of rigid wrong-headed reasoning and, equally, of vacillation and compromise where true threat is not acknowledged, turn the events of MARTYR into a comic nightmare. What an important and exciting new play!!!!
— Len Berkman, Anne Hesseltine Hoyt Professor of Theatre, Smith College, MA, United States

Thank you to ATC for the opportunity to watch such detailed, inspiring work at such a vulnerable point of the process. I was made to feel very welcome (and, indeed, involved) by all the cast and crew and was certainly never treated as a peeping Tom! Opportunities like this are rare in British theatre, so I felt very privileged to have been there.
— Patrick Holt, London

It isn’t often that, as an aspiring actor, you have the chance to peek behind the closed doors of the rehearsal room and watch professional companies create new theatre. This is exactly what ATC encouraged; allowing actors, directors and anyone with an interest, to come and watch their new production, MARTYR, in creation. I spent the afternoon completely inspired, not only by the play itself but by the actors and creative teams’ dedication and passion. It is always exciting to see risks being taken in theatre, and MARTYR certainly does this; offering up debate and complex issues, and truly embodying the power and importance that theatre can have.
This thought-provoking and entirely relevant drama had me questioning, considering and laughing all at once, and I cannot recommend enough that everyone go and see it!
— Sara Hooppell, London

When Actor's Touring Company extended the invitation to be a guest in rehearsals for MARTYR I jumped at the opportunity. On the day the company were incredibly welcoming, sat with me over lunch and talked openly about their process in a really illuminating way. Later in the session the company even  got me involved in the rehearsal process, reading in for an actor! It was a brilliant learning experience to be involved actively and an extremely rare opportunity to witness how an exciting, established company create work. More theatre companies should learn from the generous, open attitude of Actor's Touring Company.
— Simon Lyshon, London

Observing the dynamics of rehearsal and the exploration of the piece textually and visually by Ramin and his crew was thought provoking and energising. You can learn a lot just by watching.
— Dianne Sherlock, Writer, Actor, Director

During a quick trip to London from NYC, I was thrilled to observe a rehearsal of MARTYR, Marius von Mayenburg's ferocious, timely new play. As a playwright in the States, I feel like a pitfall of rehearsals here is a compulsive need to find the answer as quickly as possible. I was so impressed with Ramin and the actors unflinching investigation of bringing the play to life and not rushing to "answers." It made me want to schedule another trip over the pond to see the production. It's not to be missed.
— Mat Smart, Playwright, New York