Les Goes To San Francisco*

Les Goes To San Francisco*

San Francisco – ya beauty! The sun is out, the city is HOT, the Curran Theater is a splendrous, wondrous thing (wow factor 10… no, 11! – Albert Hall eat your heart out), and WE’RE ALL HERE - The Events ‘Fall’ tour co 2015, that is. We’re staying at a Hitchcock themed Hotel (novelty factor 12), and I’m pinking like a nougat bar (sun cream factor 30 – applied too late, alas, and too unevenly). Who cares, chance of sunburn in September is a fine, fine thing…

“Yes, it’s autumn” (that’s one of my lines, actually) but summer is here – better late than never for a sun starved, peely-wally Scottish lass who’s suffered the dreichest, cauldest summer in recent Glasgow history - and that is saying something. 

The Events has been a tremendous long running success already, for which – as new Claire on the block - I can’t take any credit. Instead, for the past three weeks, I have enjoyed the great benefit of Clifford, Polina, Ramin and co’s vast and amazing experience of making and touring the show for the last 2 years. I’ve had a wonderful high-wire whirl of a time – rehearsing for two weeks, playing for two nights at the brilliant Hackney Showrooms (ace-new-space factor 10… no, 11!), then making the trip to this sexy American city to open a season of cutting edge work at the Curran Theater, entitled ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’.

The season is the brainchild and vision of Curran owner and producer extraordinaire, Carole Shorenstein Hays, whose passion for filling the building with inspiring new work and as many people as possible – audiences from all walks of San Franciscan life, and beyond – is boundless, infectious, and the reason we’re all here.

The show opened at the Curran on Wednesday night with the wonderful Most Holy Redeemer Church choir gracing one side of the stage, and a beautiful packed audience the other. It was a really special night, for all sorts of reasons – and the first of many on this US tour, I’m sure.

Afterwards, hard hatted, hi-vis-vested angels (or so they seemed to me) served up swish canopes and drinks at a reception on the stage to celebrate the coming together of everyone in the show, the choir, the company, the audience, the backstage, production, press and front of house staff – and here at the Curran, they do that for us every night. With a delicious ‘construction’ themed touch. I LOVE IT…

Lesley Hart