Dangerous Cocktails

Dangerous Cocktails

Dear friends and supporters,

As we begin a new year in ATC's creative life, I wanted to say a few words about what lies behind us and what lies ahead.

The Events is an important production for ATC because it encapsulates many of the reasons why we do what we do: reflecting on difficult, sometimes troubling but always profound material in a thoughtful, engaging, even playful way. ATC seeks ways of bringing our lives into a collective focus, enriching, provoking and entertaining us along the way.

It was the first piece I commissioned as Artistic Director and it took two years of hard work behind the scenes to bring it to the stage. Through dedication, financial support and blind faith we collectively made something that none of us could have quite imagined at the start of the journey. There are so many people both here and abroad that I could thank but I also know that your contributions have been seen and felt onstage and maybe that’s the best that one can say.

Plays are funny things and don’t always end up how you envision. For every successful leap of faith, there are probably a hundred more that go splat. And I note this rather sobering thought as we go into the next deep phase of research and development.

I’ve been working on and off with the Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour on two of our shared enthusiasms: Hamlet the play and Mafia the parlour game. Some of you may be familiar with one of these more than the other but our ambition is to squeeze them both together into a new and dangerous theatrical cocktail. Building on the successful use of community choirs in The Events as onstage characters in their own right, with this new project we'll be going one further and making a play that is acted by its audience.

Crazy, I know.

We hope to have something to share with you this June, so please stay in touch.

Ramin Gray
Artistic Director, ATC