Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio! 

We arrived on Sunday to beautiful sunshine and highs of 29 C. It was a long old day of travelling, up at 5am in Cork, ready for a 6am bus ride to Dublin airport, 7 hours flight to Philadelphia and then a connecting flight finally to Columbus.

18 hours later we had arrived, bleary eyed and confused about the time the lovely people from the Wexner Center for the Arts picked us up and drove us to the hotel and we saw glimpses of our home for the next week. Wide streets, tall buildings, donut shops, baseball pitches, vintage stores and fab music venues. Things were certainly looking up.

We are now all settled, over the jet lag and filly exploring what Columbus has to offer. Highlights so far have to be Jeni's ice cream for amazing flavours and tastes, North market for good food and great for meeting the locals. The German village is quaint and beautiful and Rossi bar has some excellent locally made gin and whiskey. 

We opened the show last night and the Harmony Project who are joining us for each performance had a fab sound and a great energy. This morning we woke to a great review and ticket are selling fast so looks set to be a good week.

Heading out now to do some more exploring and maybe try another flavour of Jeni's ice cream. Looking forward to the rest of the week here and then onwards and upwards to Philadelphia and the Annenberg Center for more adventures with The Events across the pond!

As the Americans say... 

"Have a nice day".

Jess Banks
Stage Manager