Woman of Flowers, Blodeuwedd

Directed by Ceri Sherlock

The basic plot of Blodeuwedd's betrayal and attempted murder of her husband Llew, and his ultimate return to revenge himself upon her and her lover, is inlaid with numerous motifs of Blodeuwedd's inhumanity (she has literally been fashioned out of flowers). She does not understand loyalty (her own or others' to her), love or even mortality.

Photograph by Alastair Muir



  • - Sherman Theatre (Cardiff)
  • - Broadstairs (Broadstairs)
  • - Middlesbrough Little Theatre (Middlesbrough)
  • - Mac (Birmingham)
  • - Aberystwyth Arts Center (Aberystwyth)
  • - Taliesin Arts Centre (Swansea)
  • - Cardigan (Cardigan)
  • Merlin Theatre (Frome)
  • - Rose Theatre (Kidderminster)
  • - Brighton (Brighton)
  • - Lilian Baylis Theatre (London)