Venus + Adonis

Directed by Nick Philippou

Venus and Adonis, Shakespeare's first published work, is also one of his most erotic texts. The Actors Touring Company, in collaboration with the Hairy Marys, a cult female physical theatre group, have adapted it for the stage - an exhilarating portrayal of love and obsession.

This groundbreaking production uses video and dance in a starling examination of gender and lust.

Frustrated Venus, goddess of love, attempts to secure the attentions of youthful, nubile Adonis in a tale of obsessive passion. An unremitting commentary on the sinister and possessive side of love, Venus and Adonis is far removed from the sweet love affair of Romeo and Juliet.

Image by Andrew Johnson and Nick Foley-Oates



  • - Jacksons Lane (London)
  • - Ol Town Arts Centre (Hemel Hempstead)
  • Cramphorn Theatre (Chelmsford)
  • Bowen West Community Theatre (Bedford)
  • - Aberdeen Arts Centre (Aberdeen)
  • - Nuffield Theatre (Lancaster)
  • Arena Theatre (Wolverhampton)
  • - Warwick Arts Centre (Coventry)
  • - Mexico City Festival (Mexico)
  • Kings Lynn Arts Centre (Kings Lynn)
  • - Cambridge Drama Centre (Cambridge)
  • South Street Arts Centre (Reading)
  • Sherman Arena Theatre (Cardiff)
  • - Tron Theatre (Glasgow)
  • Purcell Room (London)