UBU and The Clowns / Ubu in Chains

Directed by John Retallack

Based on Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Enchaine", Ubu returns!

Grotesque, greedy, insatiable - Pa an Ma Ubu are at large again. They want power!

This time tyranny must be achieved by even fouler, more subversive means than those they have used before.

They must overthrow free society, boil it alive!

Ubu re-introduces slavery - but not as a master. Oh no! He, Pa Ubu himself, becomes the most enslaved, the most humble man ever born. Even prison is paradise for Pa Ubu! Let the State clothe him, feed him and house him!

But what's this? The free Men envy Ubu's position - everyone is clamouring to join him...

The company that brought Jarry's "Ubu Roi"in 1982/1983 (entitled Ubu the Vandalist) now presents its sequel. Ubu and the Clowns explores the nature of personal freedom. Through modern characters, based on the fixed personality-types and attitudes of the commedia dell'arte tradition, ATC challenges our ideas of freedom and happiness, showing servitude in a new light!

Image by Iain Lanyon



  • - Tolworth Recreation Centre (Surbiton)
  • - College Theatre (Kidderminster)
  • - Burton-On-Trent Technical College Little Theatre (Burton-on-Trent)
  • - The Gateway (Shrewsbury)
  • - Royal National College (Hereford)
  • - Droitwich High School (Droitwich)
  • - Evesham Arts Centre (Evesham)
  • - Midlands Arts Centre (Birmingham)
  • - Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton Festival (Brighton)
  • - Brentford Watermans Arts Centre (London)
  • - Cookham Festival (Cookham)
  • - Uppingham School Theatre (Uppingham)
  • - Central Studio (Basingstoke)
  • - The Theatre (Chipping Norton)
  • - Thame Sports
  • - Stahl Theatre (Oundle)
  • - Fareham
  • - Cheltenham College of St Paul's and St Mary's (Cheltenham)
  • - Rugby School (Rugby)
  • - Trinity Arts Centre (Tunbridge Wells)
  • - Library Theatre (Luton)
  • - The Wells Centre (Wells-Next-The-Sea)
  • - Old Fire Station (Oxford)
  • - Blackfriars Arts Centre (Boston)
  • - Stamford Arts Centre (Stamford)
  • - Hull Spring Street Theatre (now Hull Truck Theatre) (Hull)