The Tempest (1999)

Directed by Nick Philippou

The Tempest is full of magic. But what does that mean to us now? Is technology the magic of the late twentieth century?

In a darkened room a still figure recounts a fantastical life story. Amazing images are conjured from thin air. But is any of it true? Or is it just a figment of the imagination?

William Shakespeare wrote The Tempest in 1611. Shakespeare lived until 1616 but did not write another play for the stage. The play is set on an uninhabited island, location unknown.Di



  • - Watermans Arts Centre (Brentford)
  • - Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal (Bath)
  • - Arc Theatre (Stockton)
  • - The Green Room (Manchester)
  • Sherman Theatre (Cardiff)
  • - Swan Theatre (Worcester)
  • Paisley Arts Centre (Paisley)
  • - MacRobert Arts Centre (Stirling)
  • - Lyric Studio Hammersmith (London)
  • - Komedia (Brighton)
  • - The Old Town Hall (Hemel Hempstead)
  • - Exeter Phoenix (Exeter)
  • The Mill Arts Centre (Banbury)
  • - The Bull Arts Centre (now The Bull Theatre) (Barnet)