The Tempest (1981)

Directed by John Retallack

1. The shipwreck, watched by Miranda, Prospero's daughter.

2. The Island. Prospero, the exiled Queen of Milan, summons a spirit, Ariel, who has created the tempest for her. She then chastises Caliban, her half-human slave, who enjoys the freedom of the island before Prospero and Miranda arrived, and now resents his enforced slavery. Prospero tells Miranda about heir past, how she was overthrown by her brother and the King of Naples, and that by her magic powers she has used the tempest to bring her enemies to the island.

3. The King's son, Gerdinand, charmed by music, meets Miranda with whom he falls in love.

4. The Court, Alonso, the King; his brother, Sebastian; Prospero's brother, Antonio, and the fairthful Lord Gonzalo, arrive on the island. While Alonso sleeps Antonio and Sebastian plot against his life, but their plans are thwarted by the intervention of Ariel.

5. Caliban meets Stephano and Trinculo, the King's butler and cook. After tasting wine for the first time, Caliban worships Stephano and becomes his slave. Having rejected Prospero, Caliban urges his new friends to murder her and take over the island.

6.Prospero sets Ferdinand to work, carrying logs to test his love for her daughter. When Miranda visits him, they confess their love for each other.

7. Prospero sends Ariel to confront Alonso, Sebastian and Antonio with their crimes of 12 years ago, and the awareness of their own guilt paralyses them.

8. She then presents a masque of love to celbrate the betrothal of Miranda and Ferdinand. Suddenly she remmebers the conspiracy of Caliban and his confederates and sends Ariel to plauge them.

9. At last by her magic power she draws together all the conflicts on the island, at which point she renounces her Art, and through the purely human qualitites of love and forgivness harmony is restored, and the marriage of Ferdinand and Mirnada gives hope for the fulture. Ariel is released and Caliban resposses his island.



  • Treasurer's House (York)
  • St Martin's Penna Theatre (Brasilia)
  • - Cultura Artistica (São Paulo)
  • Assembleia Theatre (Porto Alegre)
  • - Teatro dos Quatro (Rio de Janeiro)
  • - Teatro Nacional Cervantes (Buenos Aires)
  • Teatro Galpon (Santiago de Chile)
  • Teatro Segura (Lima)
  • Teatro Sidor (Ciudad Guayana)
  • Teatro Universidad de los Andes (Mérida)
  • Teatro Bellas Artes (Maracaibo)
  • Teatro Nacional (Caracas)
  • - Lancaster University (Lancaster)
  • - Rome (Rome)
  • - Citizens Theatre (Glasgow)
  • - Donmar Warehouse Theatre (London)
  • - Donmar Warehouse Theatre (London)
  • - Donmar Warehouse Theatre (London)