The Boy Who Left Home

Directed by Nick Philippou / Written by Michael Wynne

A contemporary fairy tale about growing up in a strange world.

Inspired by the fairy stories of the Brothers Grimm, The Boy Who Left Home tells the story of a little boy who has never before left home and finds himself cast adrift in the forest after a storm. A series of innocence-losing encounters follows as he tries to find the wicked witch's house where he will find the key that will lead him back home. In this voyage of self discovery the demons of the forest waylay him with their mediaeval style of pagan trickery. In this modern reworking, however, the stepmother is an alcoholic nymphomaniac, Sleeping Beauty has been faking her spell out of sheer petulance at her life with her parents. A powerful metaphor the play for a boy in search of adulthood. As he struggles to grow up, he has to overcome confusion, learn about the big bad world and make painful choices before coming home.

The Boy Who Left Home, explores innocence, corruption and loss with a dark, almost playful humour.


  • - Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith (London)
  • - The Theatre (Chipping Norton)
  • Arena Theatre (Wolverhampton)
  • Unity Theatre (Liverpool)
  • Alsager Arts Centre (Alsager)
  • South Hill Park Arts Centre (Bracknell)
  • Rotherham Arts Centre (Rotherham)
  • Gulbenkian Theatre (Canterbury)
  • - The Bull Theatre (Barnet)
  • - The Green Room (Manchester)
  • Trinity Theatre (Tunbridge Wells)
  • - Komedia (Brighton)
  • Stamford Arts Centre (Stamford)
  • Merlin Theatre (Frome)
  • Paisley Arts Centre (Paisley)
  • - Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh)