Side Orders

Actors Touring Company brings you a selection of freshly sourced SIDE ORDERS to enjoy before and after performances of The Golden Dragon at the Arcola. Presenting a burgeoning wealth of new talent, this initiative serves up complementary dishes from around the world.

SOME TALK OF YOU by Nathalie Armin (UK/IRAN)

2009. In Tehran there's blood on the streets and a beautiful young woman is killed. In London, Elika, a psychotherapist tries to help Tom with his mid-life crisis but he's more interested in revolution and why the room is suddenly full of flowers. With Nathalie Armin and Julian Rhind-Tutt, directed by Ramin Gray

PARROTS by Sophia Mertins (GUATEMALA)

Roberto is two different men: handsome or ugly, strong or weak, a success or a failure. But only one Roberto can win, as his life force wrestles with his death wish. Parrots is a first play by Sophia Mertins, a young playwright from Guatemala. Translated by Graham Whybrow With Judith Amsenga, Adam Best, David Beames, Kathryn O'Reilly and Jack Tarlton, directed by Ramin Gray

ROLAND SCHIMMELPFENNIG in conversation with Graham Whybrow

ATC were delighted to welcome the author of The Golden Dragon onstage. Born in 1967, he has worked as a journalist and dramaturg and is now considered to be one of the German-language theatre's leading dramatists. The talk was chaired by Graham Whybrow, former literary manager of the Royal Court Theatre.


Antigone's forgotten sister doesn't know where she is. She has been waiting for thousands of years and tonight she will speak to us directly. Lot Vekemans is one of the Netherlands' leading contemporary playwrights. Translated byJudith Amsenga and Nick Bruckman. With Judith Amsenga, directed by Nick Bruckman, sound by Helen Skiera.

MAKING THE SOUND OF LONELINESS drawn from the work of Sam Shepard (USA)

A drive through the landscape, imagination, fears, loves and motel rooms of one of America's greatest playwrights. Inspired by Slave of the Camera, Motel Chronicles,Hawk Moon,Cruising Paradise,Great Dream of Heavenand Day Out of Days. 
With David Beames and Jack Tarlton, directed by Simon Usher. Live music performed by Benjamin Kritikos of Herons!

SCREWED by Kathryn O'Reilly (UK)

Charlene and Luce on the prowl, on poppers, on the pull. Paulo, runs a kebab van and he offers the girls what they want, what they crave, what they desire: hot, full and flavoursome. Kathryn O'Reilly is an actress and performance poet, this is her current work in development. With Adam Best, Eloise Joseph and Kathryn O'Reilly, directed by Pia Furtado.

With thanks to the Richard Carne Trust Âand Out of Joint for their kind support.



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