Miss Julie

Directed by Nick Philippou

Miss Julie was considered so shocking in its time that Strindberg had to found his own theatre to produce it, only to be raided by the police at the dress rehearsal. The play was condemned by the critics...

Miss Julie, the count's daughter, celebrates with the servants in a barn on Midsummer's night. She should be with her own kind, instead she courts danger with Jean, her father's valet.

ATC's new version, by award-winning playwright Gregory Motton, exploring the delirium of sex and danger, is a powerful re-working of one of the great works of European theatre. Strindberg's incredible study of men, women, sex and violence is still resonantly modern for the nineties. Miss Julie is a play of our time.

Photography by Pau Ros



  • - Ol Town Hall Arts Centre (Hemel Hampstead)
  • - Wrexham Studio Theatre (Cartrefle)
  • - Trinity Arts Centre (Gainsborough)
  • - Brewery Arts Centre (Kendal)
  • - The Allardyce Nicoll Studio Theatre, University of Birmingham (Birmingham)
  • 21 South Street Arts Centre (Reading)
  • - Sherman Theatre (Cardiff)
  • The Hawth Studio (Crawley)
  • Aberdeen Arts Centre (Aberdeen)
  • The Maltings (Ely)
  • King's Lynn Arts Centre (King's Lynn)
  • - Cambridge Drama Centre (Cambridge)
  • - Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton (Wolverhampton)
  • Guildhall Arts Centre (Gloucester)
  • - Merlin Theatre (Frome)
  • - Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh)
  • - St Luke's Theatre, University of Exeter (Exeter)
  • - Theatre Royal (Bury St Edmunds)
  • - Gate Theatre (London)