Macbeth False Memory

Directed by Nick Philippou

"All you can do is cling to your own obsessions. All of them, to the end." JG Ballard

A prophecy, a murder, a haunting...

A middle-aged man in a dusty prinstriped suit salutes magpies for luck. A young woman washes her hands all night long. The ghosts of their past visit them often. They love each other. They kill three people. the amusing thing about life is it takes a superhuman effort to be happy...

Macbeth False Memory uses theatre, film and a ravishing soundtrack by Jeremy Peyton Jones to present the human nervous system in a stade of panic and disorder. ATC has created a satirical thriller in which difficult and turbulent sexual attractions replace happy families, and the loss of God and politics have left us lonely, excited... and sometimes depraved.

Image by AJ-NO



  • - Watermans Arts centre (Brentford)
  • - The Bull Arts Centre (Barnet)
  • Bowen West Theatre (Bedford)
  • - Komedia (Brighton)
  • - Theatre in the Mill (Bradford)
  • - Unity Theatre (Liverpool)
  • Wakefield Arts Centre (Wakefield)
  • - Cambridge Drama Centre (Cambridge)
  • - Arena Theatre (Wolverhampton)
  • - The Mill Arts Centre (Banbury)
  • - The Old Town Hall (Hemel Hempstead)
  • - MacRobert Arts Centre (Stirling)
  • - Lyric Studio Hammersmith (London)
  • Darlington Arts Centre (Darlington)
  • - Warwick Arts Centre (Coventry)
  • - Stamford Arts Centre (Stamford)
  • - The Lowry, Salford (Salford)