ION, The Lost Boy Found

Directed by Nick Philippou

Actors Touring company breaks the classic mould again with a unique collaboration between ATC and Theatre Piramatiki Skini tis Technis, Thessaloniki. Ion, The Lost Boy Found is an exhilarating fusion of two different cultures.

Raped by the sun god Apollo, the young princess Creusa abandons her secret baby son to a certain death. Many years later, she and her husband journey to Apollo's Oracle at delphi to pray that their barren marriage be blessed with a child. There they meet a boy.

Ion, The Last Boy Found foolows a child of the gods to a joyful reconciliation with his unknown mother. This most beautiful of Euripides' plays raises questions about identity, family roles and the struggle between men and women in a living new version by award-winning translator Kenneth McLeish.



  • - The Sherman Theatre (Cardiff)
  • - The Gulbenkian Theatre (Canterbury)
  • The Ardhowen Theatre (Enniskillen)
  • - The Riverside Theatre (Coleraine)
  • The Newry Arts Centre (Newry)
  • South Street Arts Centre (Reading)
  • - The Allardyce Nicoll Studio Theatre (Birmingham)
  • The Stamford Arts Centre (Stamford)
  • - The Old Town Hall Arts Centre (Hemel Hampstead)
  • - The Old Town Hall Arts Centre, Staines (Staines)
  • The Theatre (Chipping Norton)
  • - The Stahl Theatre (Oundle)
  • The Rose Theatre (Kidderminster)
  • Arena Theatre (Wolverhampton)
  • - Jersey Arts Centre (Jersey)
  • - The Cambridge Drama Centre (Cambridge)
  • - The Lyric Studio Theatre (London)