Heaven Bent, Hell Bound

Directed by Mark Brickman

Soldier of fortune turned hermit, Paulo is a man obsessed with reaching the gates of Heaven. Years of pilgrimage in the desert end suddenly and Paulo sets off on a journey which will seal his fate! A journey which brings him into collision with a woman who answers to neither man nor God - Lidora, the most awful criminal the world has ever known. Gambler, arch sinner and reckless adventurer, she bursts onto the scene. How can such a woman be part of Paulo's fate - he who has been so holy! The meeting between the hermit and this delightful example of female virtuosity has the most surprising consequences...

Travel with Paulo and Lidora and their servants, foolish, hungry Pedrisco and blustering, cowardly Galvan, as they grapple with beggars, holy men, armies of peasants, devils and angels. From deserts, across mountain ranges to beaches; from forests, through taverns and prisons, a gallery of humorous and disturbing characters hang between Heaven and Hell!

Image by Iain Lanyon



  • Powell theatre (Sherborne)
  • West Somerset School (Minehead)
  • Launceston College (Launceston)
  • Shaftesbury Arts Centre (Shaftesbury)
  • Monks' Dyke School (Louth)
  • Baysgarth School Drama Studio (Barton-on-Humber)
  • Stamford Arts Centre (Stamford)
  • Grantham Leisure Centre (Grantham)
  • Embassy Theatre (Skegness)
  • Whitgift Theatre, Grimsby (Grimsby)
  • Headlands School, Bridlington (Bridlington)
  • - Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea (Swansea)
  • - Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Aberystwyth)
  • Theatr Hafren, Newtown (Newtown)
  • - Fermoy Centre (King's Lynn)
  • The Quay at Sudbury (Sudbury)